Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Night/Vegas Vacation

We went to Las Vegas for Halloween weekend with our friends Billy & Kristen. We wanted to dress up and we came up with the idea to go as the The Flintstones.....(Fred & Wilma)

(They were Pebbles & BamBam)

Kirsten & I with the Stratosphere in the back

The men in the elevator.... hehe

We walked around the strip and inside some casinos (It was coooold outside) We kept getting stopped by people that wanted to take pictures of us, or get in a picture with us. At first we thought it was pretty funny, but by the end of the night it was getting a little old ;)

We had a good time, but I personally think Vegas is a little over-rated.


Amanda MacKay said...

You and Josh look awesome!

Cristine said...

nice post! great costumes! i wish you both all the best! :)