Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/12/10 Happy B-Day to Torque

My little Torque is now a year old
He went from this at about 9-10 weeks
To this at about 10 months

These are his best friends....

We love our big snuggly pup! He is the sweetest dog ever :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Running Free

Last year we had the opportunity to plant a garden on some land that some people in our church own. Well this year they gave us that option again! We planted our stuff several weeks ago and have been going each saturday since to check on the plants and see if any weeding needs to be done.
One time we decided to take the dogs out with us. There were no other families around so we let them out of the truck to run in the big open space. They had a lot of fun chasing eachother.... and Josh.
(Torque trying to turn really fast to catch Bentley) (Torque decided that it was to far to run after Josh)
(having a fun time)

Poor Torque

Poor Torque has a reason for this sad face......


We found out that the dogs like to chase Josh up and down the street on his dirt bike. It gets them good and tired and lets them use some energy, without wearing us out. Well apparently Torque's pads on his feet are still pretty soft because after doing this one morning he came into the house limping with his feet bleeding :(

I felt so bad for him, he had to walk on the very outside toes of his front feet and hobbled around whining. I had to clean them out and bandage them for him because they wouldn't stay clean.

(See the bandages on him....)
Poor guy...... after these FINALLY healed he had another problem pop up....

It looks like he had some sort of allergic reaction to something. We still have no idea what did it! It looked like he had a bunch of grapes under his fur. They were itching him like crazy and he looked kinda gross with those lumps all over. I gave him some benadryl and that helped them go down a lot.

Poor Torque just can't seem to catch a break. :(