Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Economy

So times are getting tough and money is getting tighter.... today I had a run in with this, sadly :(

I was sitting at work with about an hour and a half left of the day when the sudden craving for a Mountain Dew hit me!

(This is not a rare occurrence for me)

I think to myself how lucky we are to have a soda mahine in our break room where the soda is only 25 cents! YES, 25 CENTS! What a sweet deal!

So I dig in my purse for some change .... I find a nickle .... I find another nickle, getting closer ..... I find.... a Dime, okay that's good ..... ..... .... candy wrappers, gum, old receipts .... WHAT! no more change!?


This is all my hunting brought me:

Well it looks like my craving will not be satisfied today :(

Apparently quarters are becoming quite rare in my purse.......

Friday, January 2, 2009


(Yeah I'm corny and took a picture of our actual New Years kiss. hehe)

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Love the Ropers! ♥

(This was us last year on New Years Eve)
One year older and wiser...

(This year on New Years Eve)

Christmas Day PICS!!

I picked up these cute ornaments this year for mine and Josh's first Christmas together.

This is how our day started. On a ride-along with my HOT hubby Josh, in his uniform :)

10 Hours later...... we get to have our Christmas

Josh and the Police Man nutcracker I got for him

For some reason Bentley does this in most of the pics I take of her... silly girl
This one worked better. ahh cuties!

Me and my babies. Miki and Tinkerbell.

(Mom, you will notice the presents stacked up behind me... these are the ones I didn't ship to you guys. I guess they will be waiting there for everyone until January when you come down to FINALLY visit us!)

Here's Josh with all his treasures....

all of our loot, before the unwrapping!
I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as we did! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Times

We went to see the Temple lights for our FHE a couple of weeks ago. We had it planned for a few days and then when the big day finally came it rained all day long. I asked Josh if he wanted to postpone our cafe rio & temple lights trip for another day, but he would have none of it.
We still went according to plan, ate some Delicious Cafe Rio, and then went to the Mesa Temple. It was only sprinkling while we walked around the temple grounds, which made it seem a little more Christmasy. (And we got to wear our coats!)

Since I wasn't around for all of my mom's yummy holiday treats, I had to make some of my own. I didn't get pics of everything, but I spent several hours one night making 10 dozen sugar cookies and the next day Josh and I frosted them all. Blah WAY to much work!

Holly Candy