Friday, July 22, 2011

NKOTBSB Concert (June 30th)

Ever since I can remember I have LOVED the Backstreet Boys! My older sister and I had all of their songs memorized and would make up dances etc to them.

I told Josh a couple of years ago that if the BSB ever came here in concert that I was going! Welllllllllllll late last year I got an email alert from tickmaster letting me know that the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys were coming to Phoenix in concert! The concert wouldn't be until the end of June 2011, but I didn't care! I got on there the second the pre-sale started and I bought the best tickets I could find.

Then I had to wait...... for 7 months..... for the day to come. But it was all worth it!!
I felt like a little teenage girl again! And so did all of the other fans there! The screaming in that place was crazy. I thought it might be a little weird for a 31 week pregnant girl to be going to the concert and swooning over the BSB, but I was not the only preggo there! There were a BUNCH of us, lol. I guess all of us that were fans back in the day are now in our "family mode".
The concert lasted for about 4 hours and we had to stand the whole time because everyone was just to excited to sit I guess. My poor preggo feet, legs and back had a hard time doing this, and I was having horrible charlie horses for the last hour or so. But it was Still worth it!
We ended up having amazing seats! We were only a couple of rows up from the floor, and right on an aisle. Which happened to be the aisle that a couple of the BSB walked down during a part of the concert! We screamed like little girls and were so excited that we got to touch the BSB!! lol

The New Kids on the Block were a little before my time so I wasn't as excited about seeing them. But oh my goodness, it was crazy seeing the "older" group of fans going crazy for them! These ladies were in their 30-40s and acting like 12 year olds, lol.
It was the best concert I have ever been to, and probably ever will go to! It might have to do with how much I love them, but it was still great!!
Don't be surprised if my baby comes out singing and dancing to the Backstreet Boys! She was moving the Whole time, I'm going to just assume it was because she loved the music so much. (and not because of mine, and everyone elses screaming) lol.

Baby Shower (June 18th)

We had a great time for my baby shower! Josh's parents, brother and 2 of his sisters were able to come down for it and stay with us for several days. My whole family (minus Rebecca) were able to come down for the day as well.

(Roper family at The Cheesecake Factory)

(MacKay girls at my shower)

(Roper girls at my shower)

(My friend Amanda, she threw the wonderful shower for me. In this pic I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant and she is 36 weeks pregnant)

(with Heidi and Bernie)

(with EmmaLee, my youngest sister)

We had a swim/BBQ party at our house after the shower. Torque was in heaven getting loves from everyone. He especially loved to swim to Jordan in the pool and give him lots of kisses.

Melanie and Josh decided to have a cake fight at the end of the night. I think we can all guess who lost in the end..... :)

(Me and Melanie at the end of the night)

It was a great day and we had so much fun spending time with both of our families! We were also given a ton of wonderful stuff for our little baby girl! It's so nice to know how much love and support we have.

Washington DC Trip (May 4th-8th)

For our vacation this year we decided to go to Washington DC and be tourists for a couple of days. Josh's parents came with us and were very good tour giudes :).
The night we flew in we stopped by the temple, it was amazing! I wish we could've seen the temple grounds in the daylight, but the temple lit up at night was beautiful!

We went to Gettysburg and did the full tour. It was SO much information, but it was really neat to see everything.

One of the days there we spent touring the Capital and places around it.

(with Brigham Young statue)

One of the stops we made was the Fallen Officer's Memorial. This was such a peaceful place.... and so beautiful!
All I can say is, I better never have to go there and see my Josh's name on that wall!!
We went out at night and saw the monuments all lit up as well. They are pretty impressive that way! We walked SO much and I was exhuasted, but it was all worth it! (this was at 23 weeks pregnant)
We also went on a boat tour that took us past the monuments from a different view. It stopped in Georgetown and we were able to spend a couple of hours there.

The day we flew home happened to be my Mother's Day and my Birthday. So we decided to run and get a piece of cake to celebrate.
We had a great time, it was a once in a lieftime trip and I'm so glad we were able to do it. The weather was even perfect!

I almost had a heart attack when we got home. I went to transfer all of the pictures I took from our trip onto the computer, but they all dissapeared! It said there was nothing on the memory card. After trying several more times and nothing working I freaked out and started bawling. I was so heartbroken that I had lost all of those pictures! I tried calling several computer repair type places and they all said the could "try" to recover the pictures, but the minimum cost would be $200ish, and that was even if they couldn't save my pics! I started googling and eventually found this site that offered recovery software, and would do a search before you had to pay for it to see if it would work. I did the free search and all of my pictures popped up on the screen!! I was so happy, I immediately paid the small price and got all of my pictures back! phew!!

Needless to say, I love our vacation pics even more now!