Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tiling Adventure

When we bought our house back 15 months ago, we knew that eventually we would have to replace our two upstairs bathroom's floors. They were both linoleum, and in our master bath it was ripped and coming up right in the middle of the floor. Well we finally got the point of replacing it (Josh made sure that we actually HAD to do it. He grabbed the ripped part and yanked it up so it was a big hazard to keep stepping over)
We were going to hire someone to tile for us since neither one of us has ever done it. We had a couple of quotes and picked a guy to come out. The day before he was supposed to come out he called to tell us that his tile saw had been stolen, and that if we wanted him to do it we would have to pay to rent one for him to use. .......Ummm....... what!? I told Josh "No way!" and we decided to do it ourselves. (we had gone through a lot of dumb crap with these tile guys and were just so sick of all the bologna they were saying and doing that we were done dealing with it)
So we found a great deal on a tile saw, got a pretty good deal on the tile, and took the next weekend to get it all done. I had no idea how much work was involved in tiling, pulling off the base boards, ripping up linoleum, laying down backerboard, screwing hundreds of screws to hold it down, laying out design of tile, cutting all the tile, running out of stuff, letting it all set, not having a toilet or shower, grouting, washing the grout off, over and over and over again, sealing the grout, putting new base boards down etc. Plus it made a huge mess!
We got extremely dirty, sore and tired, but the end result turned out pretty dang nice :)

(before)notice the base boards....

(After ripping up linoleum)

(trying to figure out design)

(josh's dirty back. I should've got more pictures because he got hilarious looking)
(waiting for it to set so we can grout)
(TaDa! All done!) Notice our beautiful new 6 1/2" base boards :)
(we re-painted our bathroom a light gray color as well)
It's been so nice to walk through our bathroom now and not have to worry about tripping on ripped linoleum! I still catch myself lifting my feet higher in that spot out of instinct lol.
We love our new floors and are SOOOO happy we did it ourselves!
(I just realized I didn't take any after pics of our other bathroom we tiled. Oh well, the master bath is the more important one :)


Vanessa said...

Props to you for getting it all done in one weekend. And it looks great. My mom built their house about 6 years ago and wanted to tile the bathroom herself (floors and showers). Now there is only one bathroom done, another one has only the shower done (not the floor) and the third one hasn't even been touched. So I envy you for having the motivation to get it all done at once.

Jamie said...

You guys did a great job. It looks fantastic.

Amanda Stephan said...

Hey lady! I randomly come across your blog and you already have me listed...you are on top of things! haha...you should've said hello! Anyways, great to see that you guys are doing so good! And great job on the tile...we did our master bathroom and after that Rob paid someone to do the spare bath and the laundry room...hahaha...he said he would never tile again! hee hee.