Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Handyman Josh

Josh built this arbor a couple of weeks ago and I think it turned out Great! I was really impressed by how good it looks and how handy my husband is :)
My parents were in town for a couple of days and my dad got to spend time helping josh get it all put together while I went shopping with my mom and sister Kirstie.

The only part I helped with was staining it. Which took a lot longer than we thought it would because of all the lattice on it, but it was worth it.


Amanda MacKay said...

That looks really awesome!!! Tell Josh that he did an awesome job. :)

Breanne said...

yay! it looks so good out there! i hope I can come out and visit this summer and we can play in your pool while josh makes yums on the bbq!!!

Jamie said...

Wow, he is super handy! Good for you for putting him to work! Wish you were closer, we'd crash your pad for sure!!