Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Growing Garden

It's now been about 7 weeks since we planted our garden. I was over excited at first and would get sad when I'd go out to the garden and not really see any progress.
But NOW every time I go there I am amazed at how much my little plants have grown :)

Here are some pictures that show some of the changes:

This is the day we planted. Josh and I are in the green shirts in the middle.Just dirt... for now... ^^

(below: I went out and spent 15min watering all of our plants, by hand. After finally finishing I stood back to take a look, and picture, and I stepped into water... Someone had turned the irrigation on and it got to our rows right after I had finished watering them by hand! Lame!)
Look at all that green!I planted some red pepper plants and they just popped these lil guys out! They more than doubled in size in a week!

Our crazy tomato plants! in about a week or so we are going to have tomato Overload! Seriously!

Squash & Zuchini plants are getting huge

And lastly we have the strawberries..... sad news is that only 2 of my 12 strawberry plants survived :( Apparently they can't handle so much sunlight. But the 2 that are alive are popping out little tiny berries that taste delicious!

My pea plants are growing like crazy, but for some reason I can't upload the pic of them. I also have radishes and cucumber, but no pics of them either.
Our watermelon and cantelope plants never surfaced so looks like no melon for us this year. Oh well, we can just pretend our tomatoes are melon??


Vanessa Salatino said...

Wow, that's really cool. I wish we had a garden. We have a little patio with our apartment, but the sun never shines there, so plants do grow. Maybe when we have a house.

Shan said...

Wow, I'm very jealous! That is awesome! And what a nice, big space you have to have a garden! Wish we lived closer. . .you'd be missing some stuff:)

Jamie said...

I'm so very jealous as well. Looking forward to some homemade salsa being sent my way?

Heidi Bell said...

Gardening is so fun. My garden isn't even in the ground yet.... stupid "Spring" in Utah. My starts inside the house are doing great though.