Wednesday, August 17, 2011

38 Weeks! & Soccer

Well we have officially hit the 38 week mark in my pregnancy! It is still hard to believe that this baby will be here anytime now! I've been really lucky and have had a fairly easy pregnancy, and even these last weeks I've been feeling pretty good. I get sore from getting kicked in the ribs all day, but that's just part of it I guess (this little girl is VERY active!). I haven't had any food cravings, no swelling, no crazy emotions etc. I'm still working, but am now working from home at least 2 days a week. My work has been amazing and lets me do whatever I need to, and will let me work from home after the baby is born. I've run out of things to do to get ready for the baby, so now we just wait!

In other news..... Josh plays indoor soccer with a bunch of his friends (mostly from work). They have been playing for several seasons and their team has been getting better and better. Well they just won the championship a few weeks ago so that was fun! They were tied with only 14 seconds left to play and guess who scored the game winning shot?! Yep, my Joshua did! :)

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Doreen said...

Holy Cow! You look GREAT Jen! I can't believe it. You look like you have a soccer ball under that dress. Can't wait for your girlie to come!