Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Lights

When we lived in Maricopa we were pretty much the only house on street that put Christmas lights up on the house. I always thought it was weird/lame that nobody else did lights.
Well now on our new street, it's a whole different story! On the day after Thanksgiving, almost everyone on the street had lights up and trees in their front windows. Josh doesn't believe in putting Christmas decorations up until it's the month of December, but our neighbors gave him a hard time and he caved early. :)
 This was extremely stressful for me to watch! I hate him being on the roof and always imagine the worst case scenario, sigh. Josh thinks it's funny and likes to pretend to slip or whatever and it's really annoying lol! Everything went fine and nobody fell off the house so that's good.
 We realized that our house wasn't lit up as much as our street so we ended up buying more and more and more lights/decorations so our house could fit in. We probably had the 2nd best house on the street, the best house was just crazy lit up!
It's nice to be in a neighborhood with people that actually care, and that we are friends with! Love our new street!
I don't think I got a picture after our house was completely done, but oh well.

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