Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Addition to our Home!!

Yes that's right, Josh and I are adding a baby to our family! (NO not a REAL human baby) A Puppy!
Yesterday we went and adopted a puppy from the shelter. Those who really know me will of course understand why I would want to add a 3rd dog to our home. Other people might think we're crazy, and maybe we are a little bit. Especially considering the puppy we got is a pitbull/lab mix (we think)that will be a big strong dog, and my two existing dogs are little 5lb furballs. We're planning on everything working out just fine since the puppy will learn while she's young to be gentle with the little dogs and she should hopefully grow up to be a big teddy bear. We don't get to bring her home until tomorrow evening, which is kind of a bummer since we know she's ours now.
We had an interesting time at the shelter..... I'm a HUGE animal person, and I love love LOVE my dogs. While Josh and I were walking through the rows of caged dogs, most of whom were older adult dogs that will probably never be adopted, I was getting very sad at the way these dogs would look at me and get all hopeful if I'd go over to their cage. I walked past this one cage and after I passed it this little ugly white dog started almost screaming and crying. So I went back and scratched him and pet him for a bit and was thinking about how sad my Tinkerbell would be if she was lost and then thrown in that cage. I got up to catch up to Josh and the dog started screaming/crying again, so I petted him some more. He shut his eyes and looked so relieved that someone had noticed him. I couldn't control myself and I started getting teary eyed, I tried to stop, but I couldn't. I got up and walked over to Josh (The dog screaming/crying as I left) and when Josh saw my face he asked what was wrong. I felt stupid because I really shouldn't be crying, but I told him the dog was sad. He gave me a funny look and then started laughing. It took me a few minutes to calm my eyes down and I had to hurry and get out of that section so that dog would stop crying too. LOL so yeah.... I'm a big baby when it comes to dogs.
Anyways, we found our new baby in the very last section we went into. She was such a cute little girl with a pot belly. Some of her ribs were showing and her hip bones too, she probably hadn't eaten much before the shelter got her. She has the head of a pitbull with the ears of a lab and some yellow lab coloring on her too, it's a really pretty color. We got her out to play and the first thing she did was jump in Josh's lap. After she got there she didn't want to move at all, she just sort of hugged him. lol. She didn't bark once, even when we walked her through all of the other dogs that barked at us like crazy. All she wanted was to be loved. Josh fell in love with her, and I think it didn't hurt that the puppy wanted only to be in his lap.
She's getting spayed tomorrow and then we get to bring her home!! We're pretty excited (If you couldn't tell from my post) and Josh is happy he gets his big dog to play with.


Mitch and Jenny said...

So cute! You'll have to post pictures soon! :)

Your Mom said...

Oh dear, we should have warned Josh to avoid shelters, and Humane Societies when Jennifer is around.