Thursday, September 25, 2008


So here she is, Bentley, our new puppy.

We introduced her to Tink and Miki yesterday evening and that went different than I expected. I thought Tinkerbell would be mean to her and try showing her dominance like she does to every other dog we see, but she didn't. Her and Miki were very curious and tried to check out the new pup. Bentley got a little nervous and growled at them a few times and even chased Miki for a second. After that Miki stayed away and pouted, looking sad all evening. Tink decided to just ignore Bentley and she did a good job, she did get a little scared when the puppy accidently stepped on her tail though.

The shelter doesn't clean them at all before sending them home to us and we're not allowed to get her belly wet since she just got spayed, so Josh gave her a wipe down bath and cleaned out her ears.

Bentley liked climbing in her big water bowl and was cuddling with Josh non-stop! She is such a little lover. I was surprised at how well she did in her crate last night too. She cried the first time we put her in, but it didn't last very long cuz she was pooped out. And then when we put her in for bed time she cried for a few minutes then was good all night. Josh let her out this morning before he went to work and when he put her back in she made two little cries then went back to sleep. (This made me really happy because then I was able to go back to sleep too) She only had one accident in the house last night, and it sure is a BIG difference in the size of puddle from my little dogs! Her ribs are showing right now so she may look a little weird in her pics, but she will fatten up fast.

Here is a pic of Bentley loving Josh, and one of Tink snuggling with him too.


Shan said...

She is soooo cute! I know he probably wants a manly dog, but for now she is just cute. I'm excited to meet her!

Bobby and Jenna said...

What a cute puppy!