Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Economy

So times are getting tough and money is getting tighter.... today I had a run in with this, sadly :(

I was sitting at work with about an hour and a half left of the day when the sudden craving for a Mountain Dew hit me!

(This is not a rare occurrence for me)

I think to myself how lucky we are to have a soda mahine in our break room where the soda is only 25 cents! YES, 25 CENTS! What a sweet deal!

So I dig in my purse for some change .... I find a nickle .... I find another nickle, getting closer ..... I find.... a Dime, okay that's good ..... ..... .... candy wrappers, gum, old receipts .... WHAT! no more change!?


This is all my hunting brought me:

Well it looks like my craving will not be satisfied today :(

Apparently quarters are becoming quite rare in my purse.......

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