Thursday, February 5, 2009


Public Restrooms.....
Why do people think it's okay to talk to you while sitting in the stall next to you?? I've never understood it....
I mean, I go in there to Go! Not to sit and chat about my shoes or something. :-/

A N Y W A Y S! That was sort of a lead up to my story of a semi-funny, slightly odd and quite embarassing thing that happened to me.
At my work we have a seperate restroom for men and for women. One day I went and used the restroom and when I tried to open the door to get out... it didn't WORK! The handle would turn but it would not open! I started freaking out, just a little, and kept trying different things to make it open, nothing worked. In the back of my mind I'm thinking of escape routes, like climbing on the stalls and lifting the ceiling tiles out and crawling to my freedom......
Kind of sad that I would almost rather try to escape through the ceiling then have someone find me locked in there. lol

There are some cubicles right by the bathrooms that if people were sitting there, they could hear me very easily. Sadly, the week before this they had moved everybody from that side of the building so there was nobody close enough to hear me.
So I stood there... putting my ear close to door... HOPING that I could hear someone get close enough for me to ask for help....
After what seemed like an hour (but was probably only a few minutes) I heard someone walking.

*sigh* so I knock on the bathroom door.... weird I know.

And I hear one of the guys I work with stop and laugh. He asked if I was wanting in or out. I explained that I was stuck and the door handle was broken, he tried the door and confirmed that I was right. (DUHHH)
He asked I was okay, Yes. If I was claustrophobic, No. Then he told me to wait and he'd be right back.
Well he came back, and brought several other people I work with over to help him 'save me'.
He ended up breaking me free of the bathroom by using a credit card. When he popped it open there was a whole crowd waiting to welcome me back, and to have a good laugh. :-P

The rest of the day, actually more like the Week, everytime I would walk by someone they would giggle and make a joke about the bathroom. I still get jabs about it even now, three months later!

To make me look like even more of a dork at work, a couple of weeks after that incident I had another wonderful moment...
You know those stickers that stores put on the back of your jeans that show what size they are??

Like this kinda...
Well apparently the jeans I chose to wear to work that day had never been worn before. And unbeknownst to me, they still had this lovely sticker on them.
I walked around almost the WHOLE DAY with this thing running down my backside, and not a single person said anything to me. LOL!


Jamie said...

So funny! It sounds like an Office episode, can't you see someone doing that to Dwight? Oh, and I've totally walked around with the size sticker on my pants, even on my shirt once or twice! Oooooops

Shan said...

This was a great story! i was totally dying reading it! Glad you got out safely:) next time take your cell phone so your policeman husband can come use his mad skills to rescue you:)