Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb 17th 2009

Tuesday was Josh's day off and he decided he needed to change his car's brakes. He was at home in the garage working on his car when some people came up and started asking him questions about Open Houses in our neighborhood. Turns out they were from ABC News and were doing a story on the housing market in Maricopa. They asked if they could interview Josh and he said okay.
For the next 2 hours they invaded our house with a camera crew, not even giving him a chance to straighten up our house :-? Ughh. (We had just gotten off of a 3 day weekend where we were not home very often and put off the weekend cleaning. sad) They talked to him for almost two hours. They didn't elt him clean himself up either, even though he had been working on his car and was covered in grease and dirt!
I was at work during all of this, so I had no idea what was going on in my home. I received a text message from Josh saying that I needed to call him. When I called, he told me I might want to try to fix my "crazy hairs" because there was a news crew wanting to interview me when I got home. WHAT!? BUT BUT BUT... I went to the gym today, and tanning for the first time in like a year (And when you do that your skin is a nice pink color for a while. ugh!) and I haven't even really put on makeup today!
Well I tried to fix my hair as much as I could, even though there is a portion of my hair that Never likes to be put in place, my "crazy hairs". Threw on some makup and rushed home to my fate.... DUN DUN DUN. just kidding, it wasn't that bad :)
There was a lady waiting at our house to talk to me, following my around my house with a camera, telling me to "act like I'm not even here. Do things you would do every day at this time". Ummmmm Yeah RIGHT! She asked me questions about our new house, that we were sitting in. She asked me a lot about my house in Chandler and the situation that it's in right now. (That's a WHOLE other story I'll write about soon)
They were doing this story because of the fact the Obama was in AZ to talk about his whole plan on helping people that are having mortgage trouble. I kept waiting for her to ask me stuff about that, but it never came up.
After the questions she had Josh and I take our dogs on a walk around the neighborhood and she followed us with her camera. It was a little awkard. LOL. Espescially when people would drive by. I told Josh that our neighbors were going to think we were famous or something! ;)
When we were all done she informed us that her stuff would be on ABC Nightline News at 10:30pm the next night. WOW, that was fast!
I was a little nervous about what they would put on the story and how they would make us look. I watched Nightline last night and our Maricopa story was the first one up...... They showed our street we live on and talked about all of the houses in foreclosure around, they showed the lady that lives across from us (a single mom "struggling to pay her mortgage"). I guess her story was more of what they wanted, and not Josh and my happy story of starting a new life out in Maricopa. LOL, we didn't make it into the segment. Good thing I didn't tell anyone other than my parents . hehe
I was a little relieved, but at the same time annoyed that they took up about 4 hours of our time for nothing :P

Even though we didn't get our beautiful faces on national news, our house and street DID make it on there. They made our street look like almost every house is for sale... which isn't true. But if you're interested in seeing the piece, here is a link

Oh and Josh was SUPPOSED to go to bed at 8pm on tuesday night (He had to work the next morning and has to wake up really early!). But because of the time he took to talk to them, he was put behind in changing his car brakes. After about 5 trips to Auto Zone to get different things to help him, we finally got everything done at 10:45pm. Josh didn't get to bed until after 11:30. Lame.
Of course it wasn't ALL the News reporters fault. lol. There were some other "issues" that Josh ran into while changing the brakes.... like the fact that he needed a special tool to get the brakes back ON. He spent about 2 hours trying to do it by himself before I Googled it and found out we needed this tool. After running back to auto zone and getting it, they were back on within seconds. :) hehe
He also put the wrong type of fluid in the power steering thing.... so we had to flush that out, not a very clean process.
Anyways, everything got done and now Josh's car stops and turn perfectly. lol

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Jamie said...

I was all excited to see you on the news! Bless josh for being so handy on cars huh?