Friday, March 13, 2009

A Busy Week

I meant to post on Monday, but my week was busy-dirty-sore all rolled up into one. So now it is Friday and I finally have a free moment.

Last Saturday Josh and I planted our garden. We had a good time doing it and met some more people in our ward. The weather was nice at about 70 degrees or so (I froze my butt off). We ended up planting tomatoes (2 kinds), red peppers, stawberries, peas, radishes, cucumber, zucchini, squash, watermelon and cantalope. I know when they start to produce we are going to have WAY to much of everything! But I dont care, I'm excited to be able to make BLTs and zuccini bread and to eat fresh melons etc! Another thing I'm excited about is that they planted a big corn field and when those are ready we can have a dozen ears for $1! Yummy!

The conversion to Grass.....
After we were done planting the garden we headed home to start work on our backyard sprinkler system and drip system. Bleh! It was tough stuff! We had to use a pick to break through the rock hard dirt and then shovel everything out.... I was SO sore for the next several days! We did end up getting the whole drip system done and working and half of the back sprinklers installed.
Then this week Josh started work on the front yard. Every day of this week as soon as I get home I get recruited to help with the shoveling. I have never used a shovel so much in my life (except for maybe when I rode horses and had to clean stalls in exchange for lessons....)
It has been a lot of work, and Josh has done most of it. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer.
-Wednesday we finished the sprinkler system, AND EVERYTHING WORKS!!!
-Yesterday we started moving the landscape rocks.
-Tonight we will hopefully finish moving the rocks.
-Tomorrow we are getting dirt delivered to our house to level out the yard and make it possible for the grass to grow.
-Tuesday we are getting concrete curbing installed around where we are putting the grass.
-Wednesday we are having the grass/sod delivered.
-Thursday we are laying the sod.

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