Monday, March 2, 2009


Family Gardens
Our church Stake has a goal to become Self-Reliant, and part of that is to maintain a family garden. When they told us this, I knew I couldn't do it because we have no where to put a garden! And when they did a relief society activity to help "improve our gardening skills", I didn't go because I can't have a garden.
Well.... it turns out that I wish I would have gone to that activity, because now I CAN have a garden! Apparently there is a family in our stake that has a large farm out here in Maricopa and they are making plots of land available to people in the stake to have their own gardens. (how cool is that?!) Each family can have about a 12'x20' peice of land to grow what they please.
I was kind of excited when I heard about this because I wished that I could have a garden. There is no cost for doing it, and they're offering to sell seeds for extremely cheap if you don't have your own, they even water the land. The only requirement is that we weed our gardens at least once a week. It's such a generous thing for those people to do! They are even farming a stake welfare plot and will be donating all of the food from that to the local food bank.
I'm pretty sure Josh thinks I am a little crazy, seeing as how I have a hard time keeping our plants at home alive. But I think it will be fun, and a good thing for me to learn. It'll also give me something constructive to do on Saturdays while Josh is working. :)
SO, this saturday I get to go out and plant our garden..... lol
I guess I should figure out what I'm planting.....

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