Friday, June 12, 2009

Wild PEAcocks?!

The other day I got home from work and after I said hi to my hubby, he decided he was going to go get the mail. He opens the front door and starts yelling for me to "Come here FAST!!"

I ran over to the front door and see these big crazy birds on our front lawn! They were wild Peacocks!! I guess they had been on the front porch (eating my flowers) when Josh opened the door, and then they ran out to the lawn.

Josh always takes Bentley with him to get the mail and never has her on a leash. I was surprised because she wasn't chasing them, she just stood next to Josh and looked at them like "what the crap is THAT"

I grabbed my camera and tried to grab a few pics. We then tried to get Bentley to go chase them (Even though they were the same size as her) She started towards them and they started running, and then she took off full speed after them through the neighbors front yards. All of the sudden Bentley does a flip through the air. She ran into some wires that were holding a tree up that she didn't see and it made her do a flip. lol! It was pretty darn funny looking. Right when she did that, the Peacocks (or PeaHENS i guess), took off and flew! One flew across the street and onto the roof of a house, the other just flew up to the roof of the house we were in front of. Weird, I didn't know they could fly like that.

Well a couple of days later we notice that Bentley has battle wounds from running into the wires at full speed, they don't look very fun!

Her back leg

Scabby ew!

Poor girl, I feel bad because we didn't even notice that she got hurt until a couple days after it happened :(

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Jamie said...

that is so sad, but I would have loved to see it! I'm sure it was a good laugh