Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Months

Today is our 10 Month mark of being married! That's so crazy to me! The time has gone by so fast, it's hard to think that soon we will have been married for a year.

A lot of things have gone on in the last 10 months, here are a few of the bigger ones....

We got a Bentley (Josh's baby doggy)...

My baby (Tinkerbell) passed away :(

We moved into a new house...And did a LOT of changes to it including all new landscaping, drip systems, sprinklers systems, grass, trees, painting the house, new blinds etc.

My sister Melanie got married.
We tried to add a new dog to our family, and it failed... twice. lol
Planted our garden.
Made some awesome new friends!
Found out what it's like to be the only one in your ward without a baby ;)
Josh got a medal of life saving award at work!
Had pool parties at our house to break in the pool.
And we've planned a summer full of vacations:
-New Mexico for Josh's brother's homecoming
-Girls camp (I just got a calling as YCL leader)
-Utah for our one year anniversary and sealing!
-Vegas sometime in there
-California for our friend's beach wedding!
-Florida for tons of fun!

Happy 10 Months to my Joshy Pooh!

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Jamie said...

So cool you're in YW!! You'll be great