Thursday, October 29, 2009


This lovely guy almost got made into mush the other day....
Josh & I were about to unload the patio set we had just gotten and Josh called me to the gate to show me this slimy yucky thing just chilling right in our path. (It was dark and I would've stepped right on him. EW!)
Josh got a broom and tried to scare him away, but he wouldn't budge. He had to be pushed with the broom .... blah! he was all squishy and yucky!
I was directed to hold the gate open so josh could push/scare him out. That's when mr toad decided he would start hopping and hopped right at me. I screamed and dropped the gate and ran away. Which was sucessful at scaring our little visitor into the bushes.
A couple of days later my dad came to visit and when I walked out to help him inside there was another toad (or the same one), hanging out in our front yard.
A few days after that Torque was in the backyard barking like a crazy dog, which he never does, so we went out to see what he was doing. He was standing barking at our new tree/bush. We thought he was crazy so we yelled at him to come inside, but a couple of minutes later he was barking again. Josh went out to find ANOTHER toad hiding back there that Torque had cornered.
We think they might be attracted to our swimming pool.... I hope not because I don't want to see anymore, and don't want them swimming around our pool!

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Sherie said...

Where's your patio set???? I want to see a picture of it.