Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Florida Trip

Here are some pictures from our week long trip to Florida. We had a TON of fun and made lots of good memories. (I can't get the photos organized on here so they are all mixed together.)

(Josh & I @ Epcot)

The group of us at Epcot

On the Tram to Disney World!! Doesn't Josh look SOOOO excited

The Boys at Magic Kingdom

Joel&Carrie / Jen&Josh @ Epcot

on the way there in the plane

the beach right in front of our hotel (the water was over 80 degrees!)

at Animal Kingdom (3D bug show)

SPLASH MOUNTAIN - On the way up the hill

Deep Sea Fishing

Epcot at Night
It was SO pretty!

Magic Kingdom "Main Street"

the Castle!

Animal Kingdom - He did not like us

on the way back after deep sea fishing. We were all exhausted and fell asleep.

Fishing... I got so sunburned that today, two weeks later, I am still peeling. ewww
We all caught a ton of fish, but nothing really much bigger than 12". It was lots of fun and we were out there for 8 hours!

The view from our window/door

White Rhinos & Elephants

Mamma and baby giraffe

The End!

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Breanne said...

oh my heavens that trip looks like a blast!!! I LOOOVE florida and disneyworld. hope you all had fun:)