Friday, August 27, 2010


Josh's parents and sister Bethany came to Arizona for a couple of days back in June. They were able to spend a little bit of time with us while they were here. We took them shooting so they could try out different types of hand guns.

Here are a few pictures we took.....I have to add a little story :)
Josh and his dad decided to have a shooting contest and take turns and see who could shoot a glass beer bottle they found. They kept trying and neither one of them could get it. I told them I wanted to try so I took my pink gun and hit the bottle on my FIRST SHOT! hehe
They were a little sad that I ruined their game by breaking the bottle, so they went and found another one to try for. After trying and failing to hit that one they gave me my gun to see if my first shot was a fluke. Well I hit this bottle on my third shot (it was windy, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;) After that they ended the game and we went home. lol

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Shabramethany said...

Oh that's so funny. You show those boys up, girl! I'm proud of you.