Thursday, August 5, 2010

Utah Trip - July

Josh and I were able to drive up to Utah in the middle of July to spend some time with his family, and to see our new nephew Jonah be blessed. I took a bunch of pictures of my nephews while we were there and also got some of one our dinner we had.
(We decided to bring our dogs along with us and they LOVED playing with our nephews! You will see a few pics below showing that :)

(This picture below shows how sweet our Torque is! He would just sit there and let the kids pull on him and sit on him and love him :) He is seriously the Sweetest dog out there!)

I took over 400 pictures in just two days. I'll add a few more to a later post showing our new nephew and his proud parents ♥

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Jamie said...

LOVE these pics Jen. And you're right, Torque is so incredibly patient and soft with the boys which I am glad for. I loved the pics with him and Trace