Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010 / New Mexico

We were able to be with my in-laws for Christmas this year. We had a great time with them, and played more board games in a couple of days than I think I have played in my whole life combined! lol.

On our drive up to be with the Ropers we were able to stop by my parent's house. We spent the night there, dropped off their Christmas presents and got to spend a little bit of "Christmas time" together with them.
We had a really nice dinner on Christmas Eve! Then Christmas morning got woken up at 8am on the dot to go open presents :)
We all got lots great stuff, and it was fun to be with the Roper family since we've never been at their house for a holiday.

I remember now why I don't like board games very much...... because I always LOSE! But we had a lot of fun playing them.
Josh and his dad had a little tournament with the basketball game below....
Which ended in this...... I'm pretty sure one of them was cheating, but I'm not sure which. :)
Lots of yummy food being made.

It was a great Christmas and we are very happy we were able to be with people we love.

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