Monday, December 20, 2010

Sedona AZ (Dec 17th-19th)

My very sweet and loving husband planned a little romantic getaway with one of his good friends from work. They wanted to take their girls up to Sedona to see the Christmas lights and just have a nice relaxing weekend. We had a little bit of rainy weather, which ended up ruining the plans of seeing the lights. Apparently they aren't fond of plugging in thousands of extension cords in puddles of water...... lame.

But we had a great time anyways! We found out that Sedona closes WAYYYYYY early, even on Friday nights! We couldn't find anywhere open to eat dinner the night we got in there! We eventually found a little diner.... an alien diner.... LOL. The lighting was red neon lights inside and there were weird alien things hanging from the ceiling and everywhere. It was a silly little place, but the food tasted okay to us starving tourists.

The next day we went walking/shopping. We mostly bought food, lots and lots of yummy food! My favorite thing in Sedona is to get caramel apples from the chocolate store. Each time we go up there I make sure Josh buys me at least one! (When we were up there for Valentines Day I think we bought 3, lol.)

The scenery was still beautiful, with the big clouds all around.
We had dinner at a very nice place, and it was a very VERY nice dinner! We basically had our own private table for our group, next to this huge fire place. The whole place was decorated for Christmas and was so pretty!

It was such a nice weekend! I'm so glad I have such a sweet husband! ♥

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