Friday, July 22, 2011

NKOTBSB Concert (June 30th)

Ever since I can remember I have LOVED the Backstreet Boys! My older sister and I had all of their songs memorized and would make up dances etc to them.

I told Josh a couple of years ago that if the BSB ever came here in concert that I was going! Welllllllllllll late last year I got an email alert from tickmaster letting me know that the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys were coming to Phoenix in concert! The concert wouldn't be until the end of June 2011, but I didn't care! I got on there the second the pre-sale started and I bought the best tickets I could find.

Then I had to wait...... for 7 months..... for the day to come. But it was all worth it!!
I felt like a little teenage girl again! And so did all of the other fans there! The screaming in that place was crazy. I thought it might be a little weird for a 31 week pregnant girl to be going to the concert and swooning over the BSB, but I was not the only preggo there! There were a BUNCH of us, lol. I guess all of us that were fans back in the day are now in our "family mode".
The concert lasted for about 4 hours and we had to stand the whole time because everyone was just to excited to sit I guess. My poor preggo feet, legs and back had a hard time doing this, and I was having horrible charlie horses for the last hour or so. But it was Still worth it!
We ended up having amazing seats! We were only a couple of rows up from the floor, and right on an aisle. Which happened to be the aisle that a couple of the BSB walked down during a part of the concert! We screamed like little girls and were so excited that we got to touch the BSB!! lol

The New Kids on the Block were a little before my time so I wasn't as excited about seeing them. But oh my goodness, it was crazy seeing the "older" group of fans going crazy for them! These ladies were in their 30-40s and acting like 12 year olds, lol.
It was the best concert I have ever been to, and probably ever will go to! It might have to do with how much I love them, but it was still great!!
Don't be surprised if my baby comes out singing and dancing to the Backstreet Boys! She was moving the Whole time, I'm going to just assume it was because she loved the music so much. (and not because of mine, and everyone elses screaming) lol.

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