Sunday, August 26, 2012

Presley's 1st Birthday!!

 I can't believe it's been a year since this little princess was born!! The time has flown by and she is growing up way to fast! We love every single stage of life she has gone through, and she is super fun right now! Presley has been such a great baby and we love her more than we ever could have imagined!
She is my best little buddy and we love spending time with eachother (which is good since we are together all day every day). She keeps me busy and entertained, and I am just amazed at how beautiful and smart and funny she is! She already has such a cute personality, I'm so excited to continue watching her grow, even though I wish she would stay my little baby for forever!

It's hard to think of how life was before she came along. She made me a mom, which is a dream come true. And she is seriously the best kid I ever could have asked for!
 We had a little party for her on her birthday. Swimming, presents and cake (and lots of pink frosting).

Just a warning, this post is a picture overload. BUT she is my baby and it's her birthday so i don't care! :)

 I had some little photo shoots with her in the days leading up to her birthday. (those pics will come in a later post, and there will be Lots of those too!)
 My sister Melanie and her family came over to celebrate with us.
 Melanie and Presley
 Keats and Kash
 Me and my birthday girl! ♥

 Family birthday picture

 Getting ready to start opening the presents.....

 She got lots of really cute clothes and some much needed new toys and books to keep her busy.
 She did pretty good at opening the presents (for being a 1 year old)
 And THIS..... this was her favorite present of all. Melanie got it for her and everything she opened after this present was not exciting to her because she just wanted to snuggle with the pink lady bug.

 The cake......While trying to get a picture with her and the cake she snuck some frosting off of the corner...
 This is the CUTEST face in the world!! So proud of the frosting she got lol

 poor girl was getting tired. The swimming and presents was just so much fun!
 But then she realized how much fun it was to smush the cake

Here are a couple of videos of her enjoying her cake :)

 And she's tired again, lol.

After she was done, she was pretty messy. Pink frosting and cake everywhere!
So we rolled her highchair outside and hosed her and the chair off..... :)
Good thing she loves water!

Mommy/daughter matching pedicures! ♥
(No I didn't take her to ge them done. I worked very hard to get those tiny piggies painted and finally got them!)

 I can't believe that just a year ago this tiny little angel was born......

Happy Birthday Presley Faye!! We love you!! ♥ ♥

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