Sunday, August 26, 2012

Utah Trip - Cabin

 We were able to go up to My Grandma's cabin and spend some time with some of my MacKay side of the family and celebrate Grandma's Birthday.

Here is my Uncle Kirk holding Presley. She was a little stinker and didn't want my uncles to hold her. We got this picture right before the screaming started.
 But she loooooooves to have her daddy hold her!!
 This was actually not at the cabin, but we were able to see my sister Rebecca as well. She even held Presley for a picture (which if you know Rebecca you know that's a pretty big deal)   :)
 Uncle Kirk and Lane getting their bows ready to shoot.
We convinced Josh to try shooting their bows. He has only ever shot one once, and that was my dad's several years ago. He got out there and got a bullseye on the first shot! And pretty much every shot after that too!
I had to show off my skills so we pulled out the 22 and shot with that.

 We took a nice walk down to the river and were able to get some pretty pictures together. It is always so pretty down there!!
 My cousin Megan was Presley's best friend up there. She was my little babysitter, which is weird since I remember Megan being a baby!

They fed us some great food and we stayed up way to late talking with my aunts, uncles, cousins and Grandma, but it was lots of fun!

 Grandma spent her birthday relaxing on the couch with an afgan over her lap, reading grandpa's biography. It was really nice to just sit with her and chat! I love her SO much!! Presley's middle name is actually after my Grandma....  Donna Faye & Presley Faye
I'm so glad that I got that time with family, especially with my Grandma. I never know how much longer she has and I cherish each visit with her! It's also great to be able to let Presley meet her and spend some time with her (even though she won't remember these times, we have pictures and videos for her to see later). 

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