Sunday, September 30, 2012

BIG News!

So September was a big month for us. We found out that we are expecting baby #2, due May 12th 2013!! (On Mother's Day) 

I was pretty much in shock when the test came back positive. I had taken a test a few days before and it was negative so I KNEW I wasn't pregnant. Turns out I was wrong and apparently just tested a little to early.
Once we had it verified that we were in deed pregnant, we decided it was time to start looking for a new car. We needed more space, and a/c in the back. So we ventured out and got me a Traverse, which I LOVE!! It's got all the bells and whistles and it was a close to a minivan as Josh would let me get. ;)

Presley has no idea what's coming in May, but she seemed pretty excited about her new t-shirt. She will be a good big sister!

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