Thursday, October 11, 2012

Josh's 31st Birthday

I did a bad thing this year on Josh's birthday......... I forgot to make his cake!!!
I had bought everything for it and was going to make this really yummy cake for him, but then my pregnancy brain got the better of me and I COMPLETELY forgot to make!! I was going to make it when he went to the gym, but then he left late and my work got crazy.... *sigh*, and I just didn't think of it again. Until later that night when we went over to see some of Josh's friends and THEY had a cake for him. It all of the sudden hit me that I had forgotten. I was seriously on the verge of crying because I felt so bad. Josh was sweet about it then and said it was fine, but he hasn't let me forget it ever since!
I did make him his cake a couple of days later while we were on vacation, but I still get crap about forgetting on his big day.

Sorry Josh, you know I had good intentions and love you so so much. (and you really shouldn't be surprised that I forgot because you know how bad my memory is right now) ;)

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