Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pagosa Springs - Oct 2012

In October we spent a week in Pagosa Springs Colorado. We had some pretty perfect weather and got to spend some quality time with my parents and Josh's parents.

Presley started wobbly walking while we were there too!

 We walked around and did some window shopping, took nature walks and a couple of hikes as well.

                                                                             (my parents)

                                                                           (josh's parents)

Soooooo remember how I "forgot" to make Josh his birthday cake on his birthday..... I tried to make up for it by making the cake while in Pagosa since it was only a couple of days later. He still gave me crap about it, but he ate the cake and seemed to like it. :)
 Presley has always had a little apprehension when it comes to my dad. He has never really been able to hold her because of it, even though he has tried so hard to make her like him. Well after spending this trip together she loved him and would even let him hold her :)
 (Josh's dad feeding the geese)
 We played some mini gold and Presley loved to be a part of the course. She made it more interesting by catching the balls and moving them around.

 My dad did some fishing and caught some good sized fish! He even let Josh and I reel in a couple of them so we could feel special ;)

 I love this picture!! Josh was making the fish pretend to give Presley kisses and she couldn't stop laughing! So cute!

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