Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 Weeks with Baby #2

 Here is a belly shot comparison from last pregnancy and this pregnancy at 30 weeks......
(I'm surprised to see these pics side by side because I Swear I'm bigger this time! but it doesn't look like it in these pictures)
       Pregnant with Presley                                                        Pregnant with #2

I feel like my stomach muscles are stretched to the limit and I'm a lot more uncomfortable this pregnancy than last. I get wiped out walking through the grocery store and then start having braxton hicks contractions.
My favorite thing to eat this time around is In & Out burgers and fries! Oh my gosh I love them! I'm lucky that they are open 24 hours, and that Josh passes one on his way home from work at night. I usually crave them the most right around 10pm, so it works out nicely. lol
I can't believe we are only 10 weeks from my due date now!
I'm seriously considering my option of having a repeat c-section so we could actually be 9 weeks away since I can schedule that for 39 weeks.

Here is a comparison shot of my belly from 5 weeks ago and now...... maybe I'm angling the camera different because I'm further along in the picture on the right.

            @25 weeks                                                                  @30 weeks

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Amanda Stephan said...

Reading this post I feel like we are the same person! hahaha. I was definitely more tired and the braxton hicks was out of control! I have heard it just gets harder each time! Oh no! haha. And I was smaller this time around as well but felt like a balloon! I decided to do the repeat c-section and the healing process has been so much easier! People had told me the 2nd time around is easier and it was! Scary being cut open again while awake but I figured I was already jacked up in that area so why try to labor and do it the other way when this way worked last time! lol. Good luck making that decision...not an easy one!