Monday, March 4, 2013

My new Garden!

Because we didn't already have enough on our plates with redoing the kitchen cabinets, we decided to build my garden at the same time too! It's a good thing Josh is a hard worker and likes to stay busy.
From the very first time that we looked at buying this house, we were excited because there was plenty of room to have a garden in the backyard. (maybe Josh wasn't excited, but I was :)
 After 10 months of living here, we finally decided to get it done so I could plant some vegetables this season. I thought it would be a really easy process, but it was a little more involved than I planned. It all turned out perfectly though and Josh did a great job building everything and running the water lines.
He also bought me the orange tree I've been wanting for years!
 I have two 4'x8' box gardens now. I'm excited for the plants to grow and start producing. We loved having the veggies out of the garden we did in Maricopa and missed it last year.
Our ficus trees froze and died so we also had to replace those with some Ash trees. I didn't get any pictures of them yet, but Josh did a great job with them as well :)

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