Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbye Chandler (& Wedding Dress)

So in the past two weeks a lot has been changing and going on.

First off, I sold my wedding dress! Some might think that's sad, but I think it's good. I only had it up for a couple hours when I got someone that wanted it. I got everything back that I paid for it so I'm pretty dang happy about that. It was totally weird seeing it on this other girl. (I think Josh thought so too because he came and looked at her in it and said "Hmmm........... well it's a pretty dress...." and walked away) After the girl actually took it and left I felt a little bit sad. Was I supposed to have a special 'good bye ceremony' with my wedding dress? Because I didn't. Oh well, it will get used again instead of sitting in my closet for years and years, and it'll be nice to spend that money on some excursions on our cruise thats in about 11 days! Woohoo!

Another change going on is Josh and I are looking at moving out to Maricopa. It's a little bit farther of a drive to work for both us from where we are now, but the other benefits outweigh the drive. Plus it'll only add about a 10 minutes to our drive, that's not to bad.

We love where our house now is, there's anything and everything you could want just around the corner. All the shopping, movie theatres and malls 5 minuntes in each direction. Maricopa will be a lot different because they don't even have a Walmart out there yet. But we will be able to get a nicer, newer and bigger house and be paying almost half of what we are paying now.

We have looked at some houses already and are going to continue doing so until we find a winner. I actually really enjoy looking at houses, it just REALLY sucks when I get my heart set on one and then it's already taken! LAME! Wish us luck!

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