Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tinkerbell's Run

We've been taking it easy and just relaxing this week. (Other than work) Not much has been going on in our lives. The most eventful thing was yesterday when Tinkerbell, my dog that is my baby, tried to run away.

Josh was home doing some cleaning or something and when he opened the front door she ran out and took off, not looking back. Poor Josh chased her for over an hour in the over 105 degree heat. He called me at work and told me she was gone and he couldn't find her. I hurried home as fast as I could to help because even if Josh DID find her, she probably wouldn't let him catch her. I got in the neighborhood and Josh was running down the street still looking for her. He was drenched in sweat and not very happy. I took off in my car to search, trying not to freak out. I went out on the busy street that is close to our house and couldn't see her anywhere. I drove up and back and then flipped around again, calling her name the whole time. I was almost on the sidewalk with my car looking down in the side landscaping when I glanced back to the oppsite side of the road where I had just been and I saw my tiny little dog jogging on the sidewalk. I must've driven right past her and not seen her. I was SO happy I had found her, I really didn't think I would find her because she is so small and there are so many bushes to hide her. When I got to her and jumped out of my car she gave me a wary look, then realised it was me and came running over. As soon as I picked her up she went limp, completely exhausted.

When I got back on our street I saw Josh at the end of it talking to a man. I drove down to pick him up, but when I got to him I saw he wasn't just talking to this homeless looking guy, he was giving him an alcohol test. LOL. The guy was standing on one leg shaking and looking scared. It was kind of a funny sight since Josh had shed his shirt sometime in his hunt for my dog and he was dripping sweat, with this drunk guy trying to convince him he hadn't drank THAT much beer.

Anyways...... it was a long afternoon for Josh. He was really sweet and chased after a dog he doesn't like that much right now, and that he knows doesn't like him sometimes either. We all calmed down and relaxed the rest of the evening. Tink was wiped out the whole night from her little adventure. I was grateful we had even found her, and Josh was annoyed that the whole thing even happened.

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