Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bailout ... Hmmm is it?

Josh and I are trying to get a house right now and with everything going the way it is, it has had us a little worried. We were concerned that if we didn't happen to find a house soon enough that by the time we DID find one, banks wouldn't be lending money anymore. We've had an offer in on a house that we really like for about a month now. It's a short sale (meaning the owners are about to go into foreclosure and the bank is willing to sell for less than their loan amount and forgive them of their debt) so they usually take longer to get responses on since we're dealing directly with the mortgage companies instead of an actual owner. Well, we were getting a little antsy after over a month and still no word back. I was worried they would come back and say no to our offer and then we'd be back at square one, with no house or prospects. So we decided to go and look at a few more houses to see if we could find an actual foreclosed house that we liked since those go through fairly fast. Well we went out last saturday and found a house we really liked and put an offer in. Sooooooo as of right now we MOST LIKELY have a new house (as long as everything goes as it should) so YAY! A new house with a pool, just like we wanted. It's a big relief because we were so worried about everything going on right now, and the banks are starting to not lend money. I'll post more about the house when we are a little more definate that it will happen for sure, for sure.

Okay so this new "bailout" that's trying to get passed has been a big topic the last couple of days and it has interested me a lot. I feel like I'm in a situation where the outcome of it can and will affect me, so I've been watching what's going on and trying to get my own opinion. Obviously not everyone will agree with me on my view, but I hope you will take the time to look into it and get your own opinion about what's going on. I was reading some info about this new bill they've been working on and I seriously don't understand why they would pass something like this. They have thrown so much CRAP inside this bill just to try to sway people to vote Yes on it. They are giving 192 MILLION dollars to the Puerto Rican and Virgin Island rum producers, so they can make more rum...... ummm okay..... 6 million dollars to some toy company that makes wooden arrows, tax breaks for "wool researchers", race tracks and train tracks etc.
What do these things have to do with anything? They don't really, they are in there to convince people to vote for it this time around, when they said NO last time. Here's a link to the bill which is over 450 pages long and a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo
if you get down to about page 279 you will see some of the things I'm talking about.
This bill was 2 pages long the first time around, they had to add 449 more pages to try to convince people to pass it. wow. Just my thoughts....

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