Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doggy Door

This is the doggy door our dogs have been using since we moved in.... and in our house before too....
See how much space it DOESN'T leave for you to walk through?? We had to turn sideways to walk through the sliding door, very annoying! Josh finally got fed up with it and announced that he was going to put a doggy door in the wall. We figured since we're planning on staying in the house for a while we might as well!
I was a little worried about knocking a hole in our wall, but Josh did an amazing job!!

This picture is before he re-painted the wall next to it, but you can get the idea. The dogs love it and we love being able to use our back door!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Way to go Josh, I didn't know he was so handy around the house! he's always been good with cars so I guess it's all around huh? And I love the table! And have serious garden envy.