Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joys of Home Ownership

Our fridge has decided to break, AGAIN. This is the second time in 7 months that it has decided to die on us. Back in January the Compressor died somehow, it was covered under warranty so they had some company come out and replace it. The guy that replaced it put in an old dusty one from the back of his van. And now, 6.5 months later that old dusty one breaks!!!

We decided that we've had enough of this fridge and it's problems (even though it's not even 3 years old yet). So last night we went out and got a new fridge to replace it.

All of our friends in maricopa were out of town last night, but we were able to find a truck to borrow to pick up our new fridge. (But we weren't able to find man power to help Move the dang thing!) We got the fridge loaded into the truck with help from the guy we bought it from, but we knew that when we got to our house it would only be Josh and me to get it down from the truck.


I was scared! That thing weighed a ton and I am no help when it comes to lifting huge heavy items. I kept hoping one of our neighbors would drive by and see us and offer to help, but it was almost 11pm by then and no such help came. Josh kept saying that "we have no choice, we will just have to do it" and I did NOT want to end up dropping this huge new fridge and breaking it!

I tried to have faith in Josh..... We wiggled the thing to the very edge of the tail gate and Josh got on the bottom to "lift" it off, with me in the truck bed to help balance it. ha! Well the fridge doesn't exactly "lift" very easily, and when the last corner slipped off the end of the tail gate, it fell back (Towards me) and down, FAST. It came down right on my chest and knocked the crap out of me! It bounced off and then got to the ground, right side up. Apparently when it hit me I let out a loud noise like "Uggghhhh!" and josh thought he had just killed me with the fridge (or at least smashed my body with it). He rushed to me as I was doubled over and was asking if I was alright, I knew he would think something horrible happened and I didn't want him to be scared so I tried to get words out to tell him I was okay. All I managed was "wind.... gasp.....knocked... gasp!.... out". lol. I knew I was okay, but it's kinda scary not being able to breath or see straight. Josh sat and patted my back and told me I was okay until I could breath again. I then sat up and laughed and said "wow, i haven't had That happen to me in a Loooong time!"

Don't worry, this story has a happy ending! We both lived AND we now we have a new fridge and we won't loose our food.

The amazing thing is that the fridge made it without a scratch on it! I like to think that my chest saved it :)

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Shan said...

That's awesome! I laughed out loud with that one. Good job:)