Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing Boy

At 5 months old our little puppy Torque
is not so little anymore.....
He is now taller than Bentley and almost weighs as much as her.
(this pic makes me laugh. Bentley ALWAYS closes her eyes when I take pics of her.)
Bentley weighs 39 pounds, and Torque weighs 33 pounds.
The vet thinks that he'll probably be around 70 pounds when full grown.
He looooooooves swimming in the pool and uses it more than Josh and I do.
He will just jump in and swim laps all day long.

He still has his puppy face and puppy breath :)

He has the sweetest personality and loves to be loved.
He does not like getting in trouble at all and will pout for a long time if he does.

Him and Bentley are best friends and will play non-stop
(he can swim almost twice as fast as her)

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