Friday, April 8, 2011


Back on March 13th Josh was in a pretty bad accident while at work. Both him and his partner were lucky to walk away with only some minor bumps and bruises, and lots of soreness. I got the scary phone call in the middle of the night that my husband was in an accident and was on his way to a hospital. I was told that someone was coming to get me and that I should get up and get dressed and grab my purse. One of our friends from our ward was there to pick me up before I even had the chance to get dressed. It's a long drive from where we live to the downtown hospital where they took him and I knew nothing about his condition other than "he has all of his limbs".

When we got to the hospital we were taken to a little room where I was greeted by some of Josh's squad/friends, and his partner's girlfriend. I found out a tiny bit more about the accident and that Josh was awake and alert, but hadn't been able to walk or stand after he had been dragged from the car. I was given a bag of his things including phone/wallet/boots/cut up clothing etc. I was amazed that his phone didn't have a scratch on it!

A Doctor came by to let us know that once they were done getting their CAT scans done that we would be allowed back to see them. (They had only barely beat me to the hospital) The Doctor also told us how lucky the guys were that they even survived that accident, and that it was a miracle the shape they were in! (He told us that they just had a guy come in that had fallen off of a mechanical bull and was hurt worse than our guys appeared to be)

A few minutes later we were escorted back to where they were in the triage area. The two guys were laid out and still strapped to the ambulance stretchers in neck braces, surrounded by Dr's/nurses, paramedics and other cops.. I went over to Josh and it was quite a shock to see him like that. I never think of him as a weak person, so to see him on a stretcher with a neck brace and blood on his face and hands and head...... VERY weird/scary. I got to his face and said hi to him and we both got tears in our eyes. It was such a relief to see him.

Neither him nor his partner had any broken bones. His partner did have a couple of cuts/gashes on his arm and was given some stitches. They had small nicks on their hands, faces and arms from the glass. They also had tiny pieces of glass, all over them and in their hair and eyebrows. They were eventually moved to room and we finally were able to confirm that Josh could walk. They were both very sore. We were discharged from the hospital the next day.

(This picture is when we left the hospital. They had had their clothes cut off of them so had to wear their hospital gowns home :) )

It was a very long and exhausting experience for all of us! But we are so grateful that they both were able to come home, and with nothing horribly wrong.

Here is a news video about it....


Vanessa said...

Jen, I am so happy that they were okay. I can't imagine how scary that was for you. I hope he's doing better now.

Jamie said...

Ugh! Just reading again about it freaks me out! SO So SO glad things turned out okay!