Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

Since today is Father's Day I wanted to post a couple of pictures of the amazing Fathers that I have in my life!

I am pretty dang sure that I have the best dad! I wanted to post a picture of me and my dad on my facebook today so I went searching through some old photo albums. I had the hardest time trying to pick just one picture. I noticed a trend in all of my childhood photos, my dad is in all of them! (I know my mom was there too, sadly I don't get to see her awesome 80s/90s hair though since she is the one taking the pictures.)
I have a ton of great memories with my dad and I loved looking at the pictures and remembering them more. I'm a little jealous of my younger sisters that still get to spend so much time with him. They are going to be going on some camping trips this summer and I wish I could go too!
I love my dad so much and am so grateful that I had him to raise me and be an example to me!

The next amazing Father in my life is Josh.
I always knew he would be a good dad some day, but he has really amazed me with how much he loves his little girl! Obviously you can't comprehend the love you will feel for your child until you actually have them with you, but I think I didn't really realize how much having a baby can affect the daddy as well.

Josh has been an amazing dad since the very begining! When we were in the hospital right after Presley's birth, he had to do almost everything for her since I could barely move after having my c-section. He loved taking care of that tiny little girl and did a great job with her.
I love watching him with her. They love eachother and love to be crazy together. (Sadly, this does not help me when I need to put the baby to sleep) Presley lights up when she sees or hears her daddy. When she hears the door open from the garage she turns to see him because she recognizes that it will be him coming in.
I'm excited for Presley to be able to grow up and gain lots of good memories with her daddy. She will have lots and lots of pictures with him, just like I do with my dad.
I love my little family and I know that I'm SO blessed to have Josh & Presley with me for forever!

Happy Father's Day!!

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