Monday, June 4, 2012

One of the reasons we fell in love with this house was the backyard. It wasn't anything pretty in the begining, but we (or should I say Josh) have put a LOT of hard work into making it the backyard we wanted.
The grass needed to be brought back to life, and then the weeds had the be pulled..... and there can be a lot of weeds when you have a 1/3 acre lot. We got rid of the big ugly cement circles in the middle of the grass areas. Fixed the pool pump and got the pool acid washed and all ready for swimming. Planted a bunch of palm trees and some ficus trees. Installed a drip system for all of the new plants and fixed the existing spirnkler system. And had a paver patio put in and then the pool fence installed.
There are just a few more palm trees and plants we want to get, but the backyard is SO nice now! We love it and love spending time out there (in the pool since it's so stinking hot right now) Here are a few videos to show how the yard looked before, during and then how it looks now.

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