Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh november...

 We bought a new couch, FINALLY! Our old one didn't fit in the room right when we moved into this house over 6 months ago. We have been casually looking for a new couch for a while, and the one we wanted went on sale so we caved and bought it.
 Well........ our dogs aren't allowed on the couches, at all. And the first night we had our new couch Miki decided she would break the rules and make herself comfy on the new couch.
When Josh came down in the morning she was all snuggled up on the couch. When she saw him she jumped off the couch (because she knows she's not supposed to be there) and she broke her leg when she landed. I was at work for a meeting when I got the phone call from Josh that she had broken her leg. He took her in the vet and we had xrays done and ended up getting her leg splinted since it was a clean break.
Poor girl has to be in a cast for 6 weeks now, and we had a nice hefty vet bill to go along with it......
To cheer myself up, here are some more cute pictures of sweet little Presley

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