Thursday, February 7, 2013

February fun

 Someone has turned into a little diva already! She baffles me sometimes with the things that she does. I know she didn't learn them from me, so it's got to just be a part of her personality. She is a funny little girl and loves to entertain. She also has a an additude and can do fake crying and angry fits really well. She is so much fun though and I love being able to spend my days with her!

Sometimes she can be the sweetest little thing too. She will sneak up behind me and hug my back, or try to tickle me. I love it when she comes over to me and puts her arms out and says "Mama!". She give me some good snuggles now too!

 At church she has become very VERY difficult to keep happy. We would spend most of the time out in the hallways. So finally one sunday I decided we would go visit the nursery. They let her stay in there and play since she was only a couple of weeks from being 18 months. She loved being in there and didn't care one bit when I left. (I was kind of sad because I always hear how kids are sad and don't want their parents to leave them, lol) She has loved it 2 weeks in a row now, so we will see if it continues.
 Of course we have to throw in another picture of Bunny! This thing goes everywhere and has to get washed quite frequently now. Presley loves her so much!

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