Friday, February 1, 2013

Refinishing our Bathroom Cabinets / Stair Banister

When we bought this house we weren't exactly in love with the color of the cabinets/cupboards in the house. After 9 months of looking at these old worn cabinets we decided to try to change them up. I did a lot of researching on the internet and Pinterest and finally decided on what product I wanted to try. I also found a very helpful tutorial here.

It ended up being a little more time consuming than I thought it would be. I had hoped that I could cut the time in between coats, but I found out it just won't work if you do.
There is some prep time as well which wasn't exactly fun. (removing all front pieces, cleaning all the dirt and oils off, sanding, wiping off, taping off the bathroom walls/floor/counters etc.)

Here is the finished bathroom though!! It was all worth it! There is a 100% improvement from the old cabinets!

And here are some before and after pictures of it so you can see how much better it looks!

After being SOOOOO happy with the results in our bathroom, we decided to tackle the stair banister as well......
I thought it would be much easier than the bathroom since we didn't have to take anything apart or worry about flipping things over to both sides. BUT I didn't take into account the fact that each spindle on the stinking thing had little grooves and very hard to reach spots. And we also had to be very careful and not spill anything on the carpet.
We did get it done though, and of course we are very happy with the end result here as well!

 I was SO happy to get the stairs done! My finger nails were all broken and sore from trying to fit in all of the little spaces. We took about 5 seconds to admire it before Josh stated how he couldn't wait to do the kitchen cabinets!! UGH!! I need a break!!

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