Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween is gonna suck.....

My mom sent my that picture. lol. It's pretty funny because it really is true. Hopefully Josh and I will be helping with this problem by closing on our house before Halloween. (It's a foreclosed house too) And where we're buying, in Maricopa, lots of the streets currently look like that picture. It seems there are more houses up for sale then there are not.
I spent a lot of hours this week on the phone with multiple utility companies trying to get everything turned on at our hopefully new house. It is extremely annoying trying to do this as we don't own the house yet so the companies are hesitant to even let me turn them on. In order to get them turned on I have to open accounts with each one, pay deposits and pay 'turn on' fees. I got everything set up so that all of the utilities would be on by the end of day Yesterday so we could get our inspector out to the house on Friday. Well turns out someone took the key out of the lockbox for the house so when the gas company was out there to turn it on yesterday, they couldn't. We had to go through calling our realtor, the listing agent and the gas companies again and again trying to fix everything. We finally got everything fixed and the house rekeyed so the gas company can turn it on tomorrrow, hopefully before our inspector gets there. Josh and I will be going out to the house after work to meet with the inspector and see if he found any problems with the house and go over them.
If everything goes good and there are no major problems, then we will have ourselves a new house!!

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