Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Josh's B-Day & Home Update

Last Saturday was Josh's birthday! He had to work so while he wasn't there I baked a cake and wrapped his presents and tried to make things special for him. About a month ago I got the idea of getting him a nintendo Wii for his birthday. I asked Josh how much he wanted me to spend on his birthday as we're in the middle of buying this new house and I didn't want to go spend several hundred dollars on the Wii and have him not be happy I spent that much. As soon as I asked him he started asking what I was gonna get him. I think his 2nd guess was the Wii and apparently I'm not a very good secret keeper because he could tell by the look on my face that he had guessed correct. Aggh, So that ruined the whole surprise of it! I ended up getting him one and he knew about it and we were so excited we just HAD to try it out and 'make sure it works'. lol. So needless to say the Wii was never put back away to give to him on his birthday. I got him some other small presents because I wanted him to have some presents to open on his bday because it just isn't a birthday without Presents! After he came home and opened presents and we ate cake we took our dogs to the dog park to play. Then that evening we went out to dinner with some of Josh's work friends and had a good time.

The second part of this post is an update about our house situation. There is some good news, Finally! We could be closing on the house NEXT WEEK!!!

That fact is really exciting since for the past several months we really haven't known whats been going on. For the first month and a half or so we sat and waited for some kind of response from the TWO offers we put down on two different short sale houses. We never did hear back from either one. While in the process of waiting I started getting antsy about the fact that we NEEDED to get a house asap, so I found some more houses for us to go and look at. We got lucky because the house we're about to close on was found that day. It is the exact same floorplan as one of the houses we already had an offer on and across the street from that house as well. But this house was a foreclosure, not a short sale. We put our offer in on it and the very Next Day the bank responded. Supposedly our closing date was supposed to be mid November sometime, but we just heard today that we might be able to close as early as next week. After we close we still have a few things to do to the house before moving in; order and install blinds, get the house cleaned and carpets cleaned, spray house for bugs and get the pool cleaned and then filled.

We went out to the house on Friday evening to meet the inspector and make sure everything was in good condition. He said everything looked great and we picked a good house. There are a couple of really small fixes that Josh can do himself that will only cost a few dollars to do. We also had our Blinds company come out at the same time to measure all the windows and give us a quote. (Stinking previous owners took ALL of the blinds! Lame!) While we were there we realised that only one of the couches that we have now will work with the house and the other is too big for the room we would want it in. So we are selling our big sectional couch and replacing it with new ones. I found these couches I REALLY liked a couple weeks ago at a furniture store, but I knew I would have to wait a while to get them. Well on monday Josh and I were driving and I saw this guy holding a sign for a clearance sale at the JC Penny home store. So we drove over there and found the exact same couches there for a great price! We have been very lucky in being able to get things for our house that are the things we actually 'wanted' and not just 'needed'.

Anyways this is a really long post now, but I'm just so excited that things are finally moving along. I'll post a few pictures of the house below....

This is the pool. someone put this huge wood thing over it and stapled wire to it to prevent people from falling into the empty pool.

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Vanessa Salatino said...

That's so exciting you get to buy a house. I'm so jealous. We are going to wait a couple more years until Shawn is out of school. We need to save up more money since house prices in Cali are rediculous. Good Luck on everything.