Monday, October 27, 2008

Crazy Times

Things have been super busy/crazy lately! Trying to get everything done with our new house so we could close on time was a huge hassle. BUT everything actually turned out okay and we closed on Wednesday so the house is officially ours! We got our pool filled and serviced last week, cleaning started on Wednesday, Josh and I installed ceiling fans and painted on Thursday, Friday our blinds were installed and we finished the painting, Saturday the carpets were cleaned, yesterday we had a garage door opener installed and Today the house and yard are getting sprayed for bugs. Phew! I still have the get our mailbox set up, garbage pickup and cans delivered, and the cable/internet set up this week so everything will be ready to go when we move in this weekend. I spent this past weekend packing our house up while Josh was at work, blah I hate packing!

Another task we had to do before closing on the house was to remove the big wood thing covering the pool so we could get the pool inspected. It ended up being a lot easier than we thought it would be. Josh was balancing on the 2x6 boards in the middle of the pool yanking up the wire that was stapled to it.

The living room of the house was painted this weird chalky red color. It was just not a very nice color in person so we decided to paint it before we moved in. Here are the before and after pictures. (My camera isn't letting me load pictures to the computer so I only have my camera phone pics.) The color looks really good and is very calming.

So I never got around to putting some pics up from Josh's Birthday, here are a few of him with his crazy pooch Bentley.

Oh and another small thing to mention, I chopped my hair off last week! I have had my hair long for forever and really was getting tired of it. I never did anything with it except put it up anyways because it was just to long. So I decided to be brave and ended up taking off almost 10 inches! Gulp! I have been having a hard time getting used to it, but I like it a little more as time passes. lol

I have to throw in a random picture of Bentley making a sad face while we waited in the car for Josh while he grabbed something from the store.


Heidi and Max said...

hey! i love ur new house! so cute :) and you have a pool?...we r ur favorite married couple, right? lol jk oh and i love ur hair! u can totally pull off short hair. its adorable :)

Katie Huff said...

I like what you're doing with the place, Jennifer! Congrats on your new house! Where is it at? Closer to Phx?
My blog is private, so if you'd like an invite, email me and I'll send one your way. I'm glad everything is going so well!!!

Katie Huff said...

ps-I almost forgot to mention! Your hair looks super cute!!! I love how blonde it is too... man! I wish I could pull that off.

And my email is:

See ya! :-)