Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dangerous Bagels

I love to have bagels for breakfast! The only problem is that while I'm cutting my delicious bagel in half, I tend to go a little too far and cut my fingers. I hurt myself about 50% of the time! The other morning I got myself worse than my poor little pinky finger. It was bleeding and hurt, fairly bad, and I was sorta hopping around breathing loudly trying not to say any bad words. (My dogs were very confused)
Well later when I got home from work I showed Josh my owie and told him the story. He told me I needed to get one of those special bagel cutters that does it for me, because he likes my fingers where they are. (I'll add that to my christmas list)
The very next morning when I went to grab a bagel to cut open I noticed that somebody (My Joshy Pooh) had already cut it for me and put it back in the bag. How sweet is that!?
I guess he really does love me, and my fingers :)