Friday, November 21, 2008

Some Picture Updates

I haven't been able to load my camera's pictures for a while so these are a little late, but I still wanted to share.
These are some pics of our new living room. Before we moved in Josh and I re painted it to a more calm, relaxing color.

The built in was not fun at all to paint! We had to tape off each square.... it was a long tedious job, but looks gooooood now!
Here is a pic of our new blinds we had installed in the house before we moved in. They look great and match my kitchen cupboards.

On a Side Note.... My little sister Melanie got married on November 8th. They originally had a date set for January of '09, but they decided to move it up (way up). Don't be sad if you weren't invited, it was basically just the direct family. I think they are planning on having a reception type thing in January still....
Here are a few pics. My camera's battery died after only a few shots so this is all I have for now.

~~ ♥ ~~
This weekend we are doing more home improvement projects. Well one really. We are working on the backyard!! Today we're picking up some trees to replace the dead ones we got with the house. (Josh spent his days off this week pulling those all out and digging holes for the new ones) I'm excited about it, I know the yard will look great!!


Vanessa Salatino said...

You married a great guy, he seems very handy. I can't believe Melanie got married. What about Rebecca, is she married? Did you see Twilight? What did you think?

Jennifer Roper said...

Yeah I'm happy with my choice for a hubby! :) he's great!
Nope Rebecca is not married yet. She has been living in Utah for several years and just moved home to live with my family again.
And NO I haven't seen Twilight yet!! Hopefully tomorrow I can go see it.
Did you like it??