Monday, November 3, 2008


So about a month ago I asked Josh what married people do for Halloween, since the parties I've been going to for the past 5 years have been for singles. He told me married people don't do much, maybe go to a married couples party. Well it turned out that we didn't do anything to celebrate this first holiday as a married couple. (at first I was sad about it, but then it really wasn't that hard missing halloween this year) We moved the morning after Halloween so we spent the night of Halloween picking up a Uhaul truck (which was a lovely experience, NOT!), going to walmart for last second things we needed and packing up some misc items at home. Josh's dad flew in Friday afternoon so he would be there to help us move so he got to be dragged all over with us too.
On Saturday the 1st of November my dad and older sister Rebecca drove down from Snowflake AZ to help us with the move too. We started at about 7:45am, finished loading everything up at about 12:30pm, then made the treck out to maricopa where our new home is. I think we finally finished unloading everything at about 5pm. It was a long day!! And since our new house is a 2 story, that made it even more exhuasting. We had an interesting time trying to get our huge corner armoire up the turns in the stairs. I thought one of our dad's would come out with a broken back or something worse, but we made with only several gashes in the wall that Josh will fix soon. lol

I made the drive to work this morning and it was better than I expected it to be. We'll see how the drive home treats me tonight. I'll be getting some pics to put up once we have some more stuff organized at home. We are very happy with the house and glad to have the move over with!
Here is the only Halloween spirit we had at home this year....
Miki as a spider with a bow tie on..
and Tink as a cop

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Bobby and Jenna said...

I agree with you it sucks to move, but is SO FUN getting into a new house! Congrats!